Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Are you looking to list my home?sold-image
    No, we are a group of investors who want to buy your home.
  2. Is there an obligation to accept your offer?
    Absolutely not. If our offer is not what you’re looking for, you can turn it down with no questions asked.
  3. Are there any commissions or fees for you to buy my home?
    There are no commissions or fees when we purchase a property.
  4. Can I really sell you my home that fast?
    We pay cash for each property we buy. This means we can close faster than a conventional buyer.
  5. Will you buy a home that needs repairs?
    Yes, we love fixer-uppers. We will buy properties in need of repairs as well as ones that are move-in-ready.
  6. Can you buy my house if I don’t have any equity or I am behind in my payments?
    We specialize in homes that are “upside down.” Many times we can help negotiate a short sale with your bank.